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Layered Pumpkin Cheesecake

1-3/4 c. graham cracker crumbs
1/4 c. sugar
1/2 c. butter, melted

Cream Cheese layer
1 8-oz. package of cream cheese
2 eggs, beaten
3/4 c. sugar

Pumpkin Pudding layer
2 packages (4-serving size each) French Vanilla Instant Pudding
3/4 c. milk
2 c. canned pumpkin
1/8 t. cinnamon
1 cup whipped cream (or Cool Whip)

Preheat oven to 350*F.

Combine graham cracker crumbs, 1/4 .c sugar and butter. Beat well. Press into bottom of 9″ springform pan.

In large bowl, combine cream cheese, eggs and 3/4 c. sugar and beat with electric mixer at medium speed for 2 minutes or until light & fluffy. Pour into graham cracker crust.

Bake for 25 minutes or until outer edges are firm but center is still slightly jiggly and shining. Put on wire rack and let cool completely.

Beat pudding mixes and milk in large bowl and beat with electric mixer at medium speed for 2 minutes. Stir in pumpkin and cinnamon until well blended. Fold in whipped cream.

Spoon pumpkin mixture over cheesecake layer.

Cover and refrigerate overnight.

Cheesecake, Desserts, Elaine Walker

Dominic’s Authentic Italian Cheesecake

1 pound cream cheese (room temperature)
1 pound sour cream
1 pound ricotta cheese (whole milk variety, best brands are Precious or Figaro)
1 cup sugar
3 T. of flour
3 T. cornstarch
1 ½ T. lemon juice
1 T. vanilla
3 eggs
4 ounces butter, melted (best brands are Danish Creamier or Tillamook)

Grease and flour a 10-inch spring form pan.
Make the graham cracker crust (below) and spread it on bottom of pan.

When the cream cheese has softened to room temperature, mix it with the sour cream until smooth.
Add the ricotta cheese and blend in. Then add the sugar.

In a small bowl or cup, stir together the flour and cornstarch, then add them to cheese mixture until blended in.
Stir in the lemon juice and vanilla.

In a separate medium bowl, lightly beat the eggs and add them to cheese mixture.
Blend in the melted butter.

Make sure all ingredients are blended well together but do not over mix. Scrape the sides of bowl with a spatula to ensure all ingredients are blended in.

Pour the mixture into the pan over the graham cracker crust. Place the pan in the oven and bake for about 1 hour and 15 minutes. The top of cake should start turning a pale tan color but if you shake the pan, it should shake like Jello. Every oven is different so you may have to adjust cooking time by 10 to 15 minutes (more or less).

Once done, turn off the oven and let cake sit in oven for 2 hours to cool slowly. Do not open the oven while the cake is cooling.

Then remove from oven, cover with a small towel and let it sit at room temperature for 2 hours to cool slowly.

After the cake has cooled for two hours, cover with plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator for 12 hours.

The cake is then ready to serve. If you like, garnish it with a dusting of confectioner’s sugar.

Graham Cracker Crust
1 ½ c. graham crackers, crushed (about 18 crackers)
1/3 c. brown sugar
½ T. cinnamon
1/3 c. butter, melted

Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix well by hand. Make sure the butter is distributed evenly in the mixture. Place the mixture on the bottom of a greased and floured spring form pan. Use the bottom of a plate or other flat surface to gently press the graham cracker crust on the bottom of the pan.

Substitute chocolate graham crackers for the regular graham crackers and leave out the cinnamon.

Cheesecake, Elaine Walker

Sour Cream Cheesecake

2-1/2 c. graham cracker crumbs
1/4 c. sugar
1/2 c. butter, softened

5 packages (8 ounces each) cream cheese, softened
1-3/4 c. sugar
3 T. flour
1 T. grated lemon peel
1/4 t. vanilla
5 eggs
2 egg yolks
1/4 c. heavy cream
1 c. sour cream

Prepare crust:
In medium bowl, mix together the graham cracker crumbs, sugar and butter until they are well combined. Press the mixture on the bottom and sides of a 9-inch springform pan, building up sides of pan to form a rim all around. Refrigerate until needed.

Preheat oven to 500*F.

Prepare filling:
In large bowl, combine cream cheese, sugar, flour, lemon peel and vanilla. Beat at high speed just to blend.

Beat in eggs and egg yolks, one at a time. Add cream, beating just until well combined. Pour into crust-lined pan.

Bake for 10 minutes at 500*F. Then reduce heat to 250*F and bake another hour.

Remove cheesecake from oven. Spread sour cream over top. Let cool at room temperature for an hour. Then refrigerate 3 hours or overnight before serving.