Sweet Potatoes With Tahini Butter

2-1⁄2 pounds sweet potatoes of any color (about 4 medium), washed
6 tablespoons butter (3⁄4 stick), melted
1⁄4 cup well-stirred tahini
2 to 3 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime juice, plus lime wedges, for serving
2 tablespoons low sodium soy sauce
1 clove garlic, finely grated
1 teaspoon toasted sesame oil (optional)
2 tablespoons sesame seeds (optional, for garnish)

Measure (or estimate) the width of your sweet potatoes.
Scrub sweet potatoes, and prick with a fork 4-5 times.
Place 1 cup of water in the Instant Pot and place the trivet on top.
Arrange your sweet potatoes on the trivet.
Place the lid on the Instant Pot and set the valve to ‘sealing’. Pressure cook for the time indicated below, based on the width of the sweet potatoes:

  • small (2 inches in width): 15 minutes
  • medium (2-3 inches in width): 30 minutes
  • large (3-4 inches in width): 60 minutes

While the potatoes cook, toast the sesame seeds (if using): Set a small pan over medium heat. Add the sesame seeds. Stir continuously until the seeds are golden and evenly toasted, about 4 minutes. Transfer the seeds to a small bowl for serving.

Prepare the sauce: in a small bowl, whisk together butter, tahini, lime juice, soy sauce, garlic and sesame oil (if using) until smooth.

When the Instant Pot cooking time has completed, allow the pressure to release naturally for 10 minutes. Then carefully release the remaining pressure and remove the potatoes gently with a couple of spatulas or slotted spoons, taking care to keep each potato intact (The potatoes will be very soft.)

Split potatoes in half lengthwise. Spread a little tahini butter onto the flesh, and top with sesame seeds. Serve the rest of the sauce on the side, along with lime wedges.

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