Candy, Dorothy Lamalie

American Caramels

6 c. sugar
2 c. light corn syrup
1 quart heavy cream
3/4 lb. butter
2 T. vanilla

Put the sugar, corn syrup and cream into a large pan over low heat and stir constantly until sugar has dissolved. Boil without stirring to firm ball stage. (Dorf uses a candy thermometer and boils almost to hard ball stage.) This takes a couple of hours.

Add the butter, stir until well mixed into the syrup, then remove from heat. Add vanilla, mix, and pour into buttered 8″ square pans. Let the caramel set until cold (several hours or overnight), and cut into squares and dip in chocolate.

Dorf takes the caramel out of the pan and cuts on a cutting board with a long, strong knife. As soon as she cuts them, she puts them back in the refrigerator until all are ready to dip. After she dips them, she puts them on wax paper on cookie sheets, freezes for a short time, and then chills completely in refrigerator.